• Protect nature
  • Live a better 2017
  • Prevent running injuries
  • Be charismatic
  • Read perspective changing books
  • Live longer
  • Help refugees

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Read Books To Change Your Life 256 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ The five people you meet in heaven. ✓ How to win friends and influence people. ✓ Sapiens. ✓ Chess story. ✓ Flow. Simplify Life 168 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Live closer to work. ✓ Be present. Live the moment consciously. ✓ Ideally do not watch tv at all. Or limit time. ✓ Try living without a car. ✓ Always ask: will this simplify my life?. Be Productive 141 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Set simple goals for the day. ✓ Don’t be so available to everyone. ✓ Review your progress each day and find ways to improve. ✓ Get up at 5 am. ✓ Stop multi-tasking. Sleep Better 123 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Try sleep trackers. Jaw bone up. ✓ Install nightlight. ✓ Listen to classical music before bed. ✓ Try sleep teas. ✓ Keep bedroom cooler. Learn Ideas That Changed The World 97 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Farming. ✓ Democracy. ✓ Free market economics. ✓ Electricity. ✓ Smart phones. Avoid Flu 94 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Don't touch your face. ✓ Get flu shot. ✓ Eat chicken soup. ✓ Don't touch handrails. ✓ Wash hands. I haven’t failed, i’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work. -thomas edison.person_outline Invest In Best Countries For Business 83 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Sweden. ✓ Hong kong. ✓ New zealand. ✓ Norway. ✓ Switzerland. Improve Life In 2018 78 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Reduce clutter. Throw things away. ✓ Forgive. ✓ Pick up hobbies. ✓ Read more. ✓ Be confident. Take chances. Learn Something New Online 75 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Macat. Com - critical thinking. ✓ Openculture. Com. ✓ Howstuffworks. Com. ✓ Ted. Com. ✓ Waitbutwhy. Com. Be Humble 69 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Admit your mistakes. ✓ Apologize. ✓ Appreciate others. ✓ Spend time around children. ✓ Accept your limitations. Bad is never good until worse happens. - danish proverb.person_outline Be Naturally Funny 67 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Keep stories short and simple. ✓ Avoid memorizing and re-telling older jokes. ✓ Punch up, not down. Do not belittle. ✓ Be aware that humor changes with age. Older people might not appreciate sexual or aggressive humor. ✓ Be aware of what kind of people you are speaking with, and what makes them laugh. Read Inspiring, Smart Quotes 67 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Eyes are placed in front because it's more important to look ahead than back. Warren buffet. ✓ To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together. (african proverb). ✓ The unexamined life is not worth living. -socrates. ✓ Whatever you are, be a good one. -abraham lincoln. ✓ The ballot is stronger than the bullet. -lincoln. Visit Unusual, Hidden Places - Chicago 61 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Shit fountain. ✓ Crown fountain. ✓ International museum of surgical science. ✓ Money museum. ✓ Oz park. Life is what happens while you are busy making plans. -allan saunders.person_outline Eat Superfoods 60 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Alaskan salmon. ✓ Garlic. ✓ Almonds. ✓ Kale. ✓ Beans. Be Rich 56 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Stop smoking. ✓ Make a budget. ✓ Choose future proof profession. ✓ Do not day trade. ✓ Change jobs with salary raise. Read Philosophy Of Great Philosophers 55 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Aristotle. ✓ Ayn rand. ✓ Diogenes. ✓ Epicurius. ✓ Kant. Watch Oscar Winner Best Movies 53 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Forrest gump. 1994. ✓ Moonlight. 2017. ✓ Birdman or (the unexpected virtue of ignorance) 2014. ✓ The king's speech. 2010. ✓ The artist. 2011. Find My Talents 51 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Take strengths finder test. ✓ Think and reflect. ✓ Try different things. ✓ Seek challenge. ✓ Ask your friends. ✓ Observe yourself. Be Good Boss And Leader 50 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Learn fish! philosophy. ✓ Build a bond of trust. ✓ Be honest. Always. ✓ Be empathic. ✓ Encourage taking the ownership of the work. Get Noticed 47 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Be current. ✓ Act confident. ✓ Improve yourself all the time. ✓ Take smart risks. ✓ Dress sharp and adaptively. Eighty percent of success is showing up. -woody allen.person_outline Learn Equations That Changed The World 46 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Pythagoras's theorem. ✓ Calculus. ✓ Law of gravity. ✓ Logarithms. ✓ Maxwell's equations. Show me the money!!! -jerry maguire.person_outline Visit Unusual, Hidden Places - New York : 42 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ 5 beekman street. ✓ Berlin wall section. ✓ Brazenhead books. ✓ Chinatown ice cream factory. ✓ City hall station. Be A Smart Investor 40 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Doing nothing is often the right thing to do. ✓ Discount the obvious, bet on the unexpected - george soros. ✓ Never depend on single income. Make investments to create a second one. Warren buffett. ✓ Understand risk. ✓ Discipline beats emotion - jeffrey gundlach. Visit Weird, Unusual, Hidden Places - World 38 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Catacombes de paris. ✓ City hall station, new york. ✓ Hamilton pool, dripping springs. ✓ Sedlec ossuary "bone church", kutna hora. ✓ Abandoned city of pripyat. Experience Shopping At Best Grocery Stores In Usa 36 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Whole foods. ✓ Trader joe's. ✓ Wegmans. ✓ Aldi. ✓ Balducci's. Visit Unusual, Hidden Places - United States, Usa 36 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Centralia, aristes. ✓ The echo park time travel mart, los angeles. ✓ Fly geyser, gerlach. ✓ Neon boneyard, las vegas. ✓ The sailing stones of racetrack playa, inyo. Improve Life 34 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Admit mistakes. ✓ Have weekly exercise routine. ✓ Believe in yourself. ✓ Ask for feedback. ✓ Conserve time. I think therefore i am. - descartes.person_outline Improve Yourself - Online Resources 33 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Tinybuddha. Com wisdom for complex lives. ✓ Mini. Coach : community driven life coach. ✓ Lifehacker. Com : tips and downloads for getting things done. ✓ Lifehack. Org wellness and tips. ✓ Zenhabits. Net : simplify life. Get Inspired By Creative Music Videos 33 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Otherside - red hot chili peppers. ✓ All is full of love - bjork. ✓ Clubbed to death - rob dougan. ✓ Up&up - coldplay. ✓ Her morning elegance - oren lavie. Retire To Best Country For Retirement 32 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Malaysia. ✓ Mexico. ✓ Ecuador. ✓ Panama. ✓ Colombia. Avoid Heart Disease 31 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Control diabetes. ✓ Eat bluberries, beets, nuts, fatty fish, legumes. ✓ Get active. ✓ Control high blood pressure. ✓ Eat fish. Learn About Art 31 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ The story of art - ernest h. Gombrich. ✓ Google arts & culture. ✓ Aesthetics and the philosophy of art. Oxford university. ✓ Art for dummies - thomas hoving. ✓ Art history basics. Khan academy. Bad is never good until worse happens. - danish proverb.person_outline Lose Weight Without Exercise 31 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Increase metabolism rate through water therapy. ✓ Clean your house. ✓ Take a swim. ✓ Drink wine before bed. ✓ Exercise a little bit, a few times per week. Live Longer 29 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Spend time on hobbies. ✓ Learn about blue zones people. ✓ Don't over exercise. ✓ Eat fewer calories. ✓ Lift with your legs. Familiarity breeds contempt. -aesop.person_outline Be Happier 27 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Listen to music. ✓ Meditate to make your body release serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. ✓ Try st. John's wort. ✓ Eat mushrooms for vitamin d. ✓ Exercise. Be A Good Kisser 26 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Pay attention to surroundings. ✓ Kiss people you like :). ✓ Take your time. ✓ Work your eyes. ✓ Build the moment and anticipation. Make Money With Youtube 26 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Check your analytics. ✓ Make sure to tag your videos with key words that describe the content, as well as an eye-catching description. ✓ Set up and build your youtube channel. ✓ Become a youtube partner when you qualify. ✓ Improve your content by either using a better camera or trying better editing software or techniques. Be Charismatic 24 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Have a confident voice. ✓ Act confident. ✓ Do not intimidate. ✓ Be open. ✓ Read 'the charisma myth'. ✓ Occupy space. Be Successful 24 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Give up your excuses. ✓ Give up on the unhealthy lifestyle. ✓ Own your life. ✓ Detach from the things you cannot control, and focus on the ones you can. ✓ Develop a growth mindset; acquire new knowledge, learn new skills. Read Great Books On Leadership 23 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ The 5 levels of leadership - john c. Maxwell. ✓ Extreme ownership - jocko willink and leif babbin. ✓ A more beautiful question - warren berger. ✓ Getting more - stuart diamond. ✓ Good to great - jim collins. Learn Skills For Future 22 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Javascript. ✓ Being creative. ✓ Fundamental science. ✓ Influencing people. ✓ Decision making. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. -proverb.person_outline Adopt Minimalist Lifestyle 21 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Think and consider before you buy. ✓ Borrow books from library instead of buying. ✓ Buy similar tone clothes that match each other. ✓ Keep your countertop empty. ✓ Keep decorations to absolute minimum. Buy Quality, Fashion At Discount - Us 21 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Nordstrom rack. ✓ Saks off 5th. ✓ Tj maxx. ✓ Burlington coat factory. ✓ Filene's basement. .person_outline Create Healthy, Germ Free Home 21 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Ask for a water quality report. ✓ Be careful with washing things together. ✓ Change diapers on the changing table. ✓ Check for and clean mold. ✓ Filter your water. Consider lead too. Learn To Become An Expert In Anything 21 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Do an 80-20 analysis for your purpose. ✓ Take naps. ✓ Always take some time to reflect on how you’re doing. . ✓ Find a mentor. ✓ Spend only one third of the time studying, rest doing. Prevent Back Pain 21 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Perfect your posture. ✓ Be careful lifting. ✓ Don't sit for long periods of time. ✓ Meditate. ✓ Sleep on firm mattress. Work For A Great Company 21 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Ibm. ✓ Microsoft. ✓ Acuity. ✓ Baird. ✓ Bcg. Be Healthy 20 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Eat probiotics. ✓ Prefer organic. ✓ Avoid food with tv commercials. ✓ Eat vegetables. ✓ Carry your own pen. If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best. -marilyn monroe.person_outline Hygge: Learn Danish Secrets To Happy Life 20 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Comfort. Relax. ✓ Presence - be here, now. ✓ Atmosphere - turn down lights. ✓ Equality, we over me. ✓ Gratitude. Prevent Disease, Illness 20 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ 30 mins light exercise most days. ✓ Interact with people positively. ✓ Take chronic stress. ✓ Take low dose aspirin. ✓ Get 7-8 hours of sleep. Combat Fatigue 19 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Shed extra weight. ✓ Keep your stress levels low. ✓ Get to bed early. ✓ Drink plenty of water. ✓ Eat more often. Be Good Mentor 19 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Be committed. ✓ Have your own mentor(s) and network. ✓ Be a role model. ✓ Always play both roles: mentee and mentor. ✓ Care about the relationship. Be A Good Parent 19 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Adapt parenting by age. ✓ Explain rules and decisions. ✓ Be consistent. ✓ Give love. ✓ Have rules but don't micromanage. Prevent Wrinkles 19 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Avoid white bread and sugar. ✓ Decrease red meat. ✓ Drink sugar free cocoa. ✓ Eat fish. ✓ Eat more fruits vegetables. It is never too late to be who you might have been. - george eliot.person_outline Be Smarter 19 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Ask questions. ✓ Visit new places. ✓ Earn a nano degree. ✓ Engage in new experiences. ✓ Read. ✓ Write stories, poetry. It is always darkest just before the dawn. -thomas fuller.person_outline Be Successful Blogger 19 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Do not hide the real valuable content and put it out there. ✓ Personalize to visitors where possible. ✓ Try to create good content rather than potentially viral content. ✓ Be consistent. Post regularly on a schedule. ✓ Network and reach out to other blogs, web sites. Have Fun In Chicago 18 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Chi-town rising. ✓ Christkindle market. Christmas. ✓ 360 chicago observation deck. ✓ The art institute of chicago. ✓ Au cheval. Best burger. Learn Forces That Will Shape The Future 17 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Biodegradable packaging. ✓ Climate change, global warming. ✓ Cloud computing. ✓ Dna maps at birth to manage disease risk. ✓ Energy crisis. Learn Must Skills For An 18 Year Old 17 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Ability to find your way around. ✓ Ability to contribute to running of a household. ✓ Ability to manage assignments, workload, and deadlines. ✓ Ability to talk to strangers. ✓ Coping with ups and downs. Learn New Skills 17 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Coursera. Com. ✓ Udacity. Com. ✓ Go to clubs like toastmasters for public speaking. ✓ Go to learning meetups. Meetup. Com. ✓ Intern. Save Money 17 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Buy bbq’s and a/c’s in winter. ✓ Buy house in winter. ✓ Buy refrigerator in may. ✓ Buy tv in april, may. ✓ Europe vacation november to march. Inspire People 16 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Build confidence in others. ✓ Give hope. ✓ Create a story about the cause. ✓ Be sincere. ✓ Stay emotionally strong. In three words i can sum up everything i’ve learned about life: it goes on. -robert frost.person_outline Learn To Code 16 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Coder’s guide youtube channel. ✓ Coursera. ✓ Css-tricks blog. ✓ Devtips youtube channel. ✓ A byte of python. Learn Survival Skills 16 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Learn wildlife tracking. ✓ Learn bow and drill friction fire technique. ✓ Learn edible wild plants. ✓ Learn herbal medicine to heal illnesses with wild plants. ✓ Read plant and animal field guides for your regio. Improve Memory 15 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Take fish oil. ✓ Get checked for diabetes. ✓ Balance work and leisure time. ✓ For more complex material, focus on understanding basic ideas rather than memorizing isolated details. ✓ When you hear laughter, move toward it. Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today. -james dean.person_outline Learn About Origin Of Humans 15 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Check out wikipedia: https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/human_evolution. ✓ Read: before the dawn: recovering the lost history of our ancestors - nicholas wade. ✓ Read: the greatest show on earth: the evidence for evolution - richard dawkins. ✓ Read: guns, germs and steel - jared diamond. ✓ Read: sapiens - yuval noah harari. Lower Blood Pressure 15 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Reduce stress. ✓ Don't add salt to food. ✓ Exercise regularly. ✓ Monitor blood pressure at home. ✓ Watch your waist. Prevent Arthritis 15 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Do arthritis exercises. ✓ Do strength training. ✓ Eat colorful foods. ✓ Exercise an hour a week at least. ✓ Lose weight. Prevent Yeast Infections 15 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Avoid douches, powders, sprays. ✓ Avoid dyes or perfumes. ✓ Avoid oral sex. ✓ Check blood sugar. ✓ Eat yogurt, kefir. Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right. -henry ford.person_outline Boost Good Bacteria In Your Body 14 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Dry brush. ✓ Walk barefoot on grass. ✓ Don't shower every day. ✓ Drink kefir. ✓ Eat kimchi. Protest Trump's Muslim And Refugee Ban 13 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Attend peaceful protest demonstrations. ✓ Call your congressional representatives. ✓ Consider #deleteuber on twitter. ✓ Consider giving shelter to refugees. ✓ Consider hiring refugees. Prevent Constipation 12 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Antidepressants, antihistamines, calcium channel blockers, diuretics, iron supplements, opioids, pseudoephedrine can cause constipation. ✓ Avoid antacids with aluminium or calcium. ✓ Change your prescriptions. ✓ Consider biofeedback technique. ✓ Drink plenty of water. Hack Life 11 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Remember: you are what you do. ✓ Stand up, shake, stretch and power pose. ✓ Do a 10 to 1 countdown and do not quit to do things you normally avoid. ✓ Always highlight the positives. ✓ Ask for favors. Be Stylish On Budget 11 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Accessorize old clothes. ✓ Buy clothes on etsy. ✓ Expensive isn't necessarily better look. ✓ H&m, asos, forever 21, zara, cos. ✓ Get the right haircut. Be Stylish Girl 11 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Be and act confident. ✓ Don't copy. ✓ Don't be snub. ✓ Try new things. ✓ Consider who you are, your personality. Become Likable At Work 10 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Call people by their name. ✓ Ask genuine, down-to-earth questions. ✓ Ask about colleagues' families, hobbies, passions. ✓ Avoid competition when possible. ✓ Look for the positive in every situation. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. -mahatma gandhi.person_outline Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. -albert einstein.person_outline Become Millionaire Quick 10 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Create and sell mobile apps. ✓ Don't rent, buy a house in a developing area. ✓ Find passive income sources. ✓ Invest almost everything into aggressive funds etf. ✓ Move to thailand, turkey, etc. Where dollar is most valuable. Improve Strategic Thinking Skills 10 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Embrace conflict. ✓ Constantly question your own opinions. ✓ Listen to criticisms intently. ✓ Pay attention to issues in your organization. Synthesize obstacles your colleagues face. ✓ Add more structure to your written and verbal communication. Live Without Car In Us. Most Walkable Cities 10 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Arlington, va. ✓ Boston, ma. ✓ Denver, co. ✓ Fort lauderdale, fl. ✓ Minneapolis, mn. Negotiate A Salary Raise 10 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Determine your minimum. ✓ Give and take. ✓ Be positive. ✓ Counter. ✓ Haggle. Protect Nature 10 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Buy second hand. ✓ Carpool. ✓ Change driving style. ✓ Do not use disposable utensils. ✓ Recycle. ✓ Use uber pool, lyft line. Be A Writer 10 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Read good writing, and don’t live in the present. ✓ Always get the facts right. . ✓ Don’t be too social. Live below your means and keep the means modest. ✓ Find a vocation, be passionate. ✓ Keep thinking, researching, contemplating, outlining, composing and writing. Avoid Alzheimer's 9 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Play brain exercising games. ✓ Be hygienic. ✓ Avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. ✓ Exercise. ✓ Take care of your body. You can’t always get what you want. -the rolling stones.person_outline Buy Cryptocurrency 9 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Bitcoin. ✓ Lite coin. ✓ Coinbase. Com. ✓ Eos. ✓ Ethereum. Drink Smoky, Peaty Whisky 9 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Ardbeg. ✓ Lagavulin 16. ✓ Laphroaig 10. ✓ Bruichladdich. ✓ Bunnahabhain 18. Improve Cooking 9 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Learn smoke points of oils. ✓ Learn sous vide. ✓ Pressure cookers. ✓ Slow cooking. ✓ Wok. Improve Vocabulary 9 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Alacrity – cheerful promptness without reluctance, readiness. ✓ Antipathy – intense dislike or hostility. ✓ Banal – devoid of freshness, originality, trite. ✓ Blatherskite – nonsense or blather. ✓ Bunkum – foolish or untrue words or ideas. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. -john dalberg-acton.person_outline Make Others Happy 9 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Compliment servers at restaurants. ✓ Cook meal for family. ✓ Donate old clothes. ✓ Offer your bus seat to pregnant and old. ✓ Prepare hand made gift to someone you love. Maximize Tax Return 9 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Claim higher education costs. ✓ Realize capital losses up to $3000. ✓ Claim home office costs. ✓ Maximize retirement plan contributions. ✓ Protect your identity, use ip pin. Prevent Canker Sores 9 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Avoid spicy foods. ✓ Be calm. ✓ Careful with acidic foods. ✓ Consider levamisole. ✓ Swish with antibacterial mouthwash. Eyes are placed in front because it's more important to look ahead than back. Warren buffet.person_outline Read Great Business Books 9 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ The big short by michael lewis. ✓ The 80/20 principle: the secret to succes by richard koch. ✓ The art of the start - guy kawasaki. ✓ Get back in the box: how being great at what you do is great business by douglas roushkoff. ✓ The black swan - nassim n. Taleb. Improve Immune System 8 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Get adequate sleep. ✓ Don't smoke. ✓ Alcohol in moderation. ✓ Control your blood pressure. ✓ Cook meats thoroughly. Get Online Security 8 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Know there is no such thing as free. ✓ Use a firewall. ✓ Don't click links in e-mails. ✓ Don't give out passwords. ✓ Don't open unknown e-mail attachments. Play Better Tennis 8 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Practice on the wall. ✓ Watch super slow motion shots. ✓ Do not rush your shots. ✓ Plant feet and balance before hitting. ✓ Get in position for every shot. ✓ Use racket fit for strength and age. Read Enlightening Self Improvement Books 8 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ 100% mind power - jack ensign addington. ✓ The charisma myth - olivia fox cabane. ✓ Six thinking hats - edward de bono. ✓ Willpower: rediscovering the greatest human strength - roy f. Baumeister & john tierney. ✓ Emotional vampires: dealing with people who drain you dry - albert j. Bernstein. Ace Interview 7 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Ask insightful questions. ✓ Conduct research on the employer, hiring manager, and job opportunity. ✓ Firm handshake. ✓ Arrive 15 minutes before. ✓ Ask the hiring manager as to the type of interview to expect. Help Refugees 7 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Advocate. ✓ Contribute portion of your earnings to charities. ✓ Donate. ✓ Donate to international red cross. ✓ Donate to the white helmets. Life is what happens while you are busy making plans. -allan saunders.person_outline Eat Healthy With Children Outside - Us 6 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Corner bakery. ✓ Epic burger. ✓ Panera bread. ✓ Smash burger. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. -proverb.person_outline Prevent Running Injuries 6 Top 5 actions. (Click for more) ✓ Wear correct shoes. Pronation, supination. ✓ 8 ounces of fluid per 20 minutes of exercise. ✓ Analyze your program with an expert. ✓ Cross train. ✓ Don't stretch in a hurry. About Life.Coach - Login to add new purpose or action. - Click star to add to your list of purposes. - Click +1 to vote for actions. - Share a purpose and top actions to Facebook or LinkedIn.